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After years of eating mediocre, lackluster and just plain terrible food on set and at private events, Owner Delvin Williams knew there had to be a better way. He set out to offer the best dining experience in the industry. INTERCEPT CATERING was born out of a desire to simply bring you "Food You Want To Eat", a slogan that speaks to the heart of the company's goals, cleverly coined by his beautiful & witty daughter Zoë.



Delvin williams

Intercept Catering's Founder Delvin Williams brings his extensive experience On Set and years in the Film & Commercial Industry to bring you the very best in
on-site catering, craft service and catered private events.
His seasoned palate and team of experienced chefs present "Food You Want to Eat" in every culinary genre.

Delvin resides in Southern California with his wife Jessica, daughter
Zoë, and dog Mini Penny.

Our Team

chef jonas & staff

Chef Jonas offers over 25 years in the culinary industry and has worked for famed restaurants and celebrity clients. He along with our friendly staff will attend to your every need at your next private event and make your experience memorable. 

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